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Vampire Knight

I feel obligated to write a review even though the series are not finished and, I'm hoping, never end. I absolutely loved this amazing series, right after I got over the first three books or so. I loved it even more when I figured out that Yuuki is actually a vampire and a pureblood! The only thing that made me really frustrated was Zero but we'll get to that later.

How everything happened -- my way!

Warning: love triangle ahead

Okay, let's start from the beginning. I am a girl that especially loves love triangles even though I get extremely aggressive with them. It's Twilight and Vampire Academy all over again!! What's worse is that I have a special intuition to fall in love with the character that gets thrown-out-on-their-ass in the end. That's why I'm loving these books now because later on, I will kill something. The whole waiting for things to change is making the series dreadful. I start looking for deeper meaning in conversations and obsess over minor things that make me miss important factors. It is very frustrating!! =O

I don't have a good history with triangles, and that's why I'm very wary of the series and treading the water (or pages) with extreme care!

Yuuki, and here your entitled to your own opinion, is a very strong character who doesn't wait around to be saved, but takes maters into her own hands. She, like in most triangles, claims to love both the guys. 

She is currently with the pureblood vamp (the guy I'm in love with) but apparently he went bad but, she's still, theoretically on his side even if she is going to attempt to stop him from killing this other pureblood because she thinks she knows that he is wrong. Twisted, no?

This is where the vampire-hunter-turned-vampire-and-hates-all-vampires-with-a-passion Zero comes in. 

In his mind he is debating wether he loves Yuuki (and love is winning) although he is trying to kill her because she's a pureblood vampire therefore a threat to his ideal world, so he always threatens to kill her whenever they meet, and she doesn't fight back (and calmly takes it!!! I wouldn't have, the nerve that asshole has!) because "some part of her heart still loves him, doesn't want to fight with him, and wants to get along with him," but, in the end, he always fails to pull the trigger on his beloved, anti-vampire gun. Dramatic, no? 

(All you grammar freaks, sorry for the run-on sentences but I had to get the point across!) 

So here I am with my dilemma.

Here's some background  info: Zero is the one with the tortured soul, and in despair who's in danger of becoming an insane vamp and going on a human killing spree. 

Yea, I soooooo want to have to deal with a vampire that has so many problems he can't see straight and wants to, no, is forced to (job and personal reasons with personal reasons flying off the charts!) kill every night so that he doesn't leave on a trip to Crazyville and has to start slaughtering innocent human being because we, mere humans, are so weak and fragile! I think I'm going to start a human-ism petition so that we, humans, can be more strongly depicted in books! (This should be considered a crime.)

Here you have a handsome vampire, Kaname, that loves you very much and is doing everything in his power to protect you and here you have Zero who claims to love you but is constantly trying to kill you. If your smart, who would you want to spend eternity with?  You have a powerful vampire who is trying to keep you safe and you have a vampire that has to realize he has anger problems and get them treated! (I choose Kaname ;) )

The other part of my dilemma is that, deep, deep, deep, DEEP down in my heart, I know that Yuuki is probably going to be the one to kill Kaname, who she loves because she will love Zero more, and here you have, again, a tortured soul that has the sympathy of so many readers. After all, we wouldn't want to disappoint the fans. Arggg. These series is going to kill me by drowning me in a love/hate/love again relationship. Note to self: why do I read these?

I would be most ecstatic if Kaname, during his mission to rid the world of purebloods except for Yuuki and himself, executes Zero in a very torturous death like drowning, burns his body, burns the ashes again, and buries half in the in the freezing climate of Antarctica, and the other half he puts into an un-waterproof safe, and dumps it into the deepest part of the ocean where all the big fish would eat it. That way I'll be happy if Yuuki , in turn, doesn't murder Kaname, does the same thing, and then becomes a tragic girl who lost everyone. That would make me pissed! I would, upon revenge, enter the manga, choke her to death, and walk out, still pissed.

Okay, I'm done bitching. 

The good parts.

The art was a-ma-zin. It had so much drama and passion in it that I loved the effect it had on me. I could completely tell who was a vampire and who was not by how they were drawn! I loved that.

Sara is also on my list of good things. Although she was a selfish brat, she provided good conflict and had the story moving.

The conflict was really well thought out, and the plot was never dragging, with just enough emotional drama!

The unexpected turns that the prose took. I am starting to worry that Hino (the author) is somehow going to screw this up with the whole demeanor and completely kill the story by introducing a very bad "unexpected" turn. I am reduced to begging for this series to have a good ending. (If not, I will find this guy, and I will make him rewrite the ending however many times it takes for him to get it right!)

The parts that bugged me. 

The sympathy that Zero gets. Guys, wake up and taste the rainbow, he has MAJOR ISSUES.

Kaname is a very old (and I mean couple thousand of years old) that loves a seventeen year old but it's better than the time he was considered her brother. By the way, I didn't mind both. (Do not get mad at me.) During that time, I was pissed because all my hopes went up in smoke while others shattered into millions and millions of tiny pieces. I had a small (okay, it was really big) breakdown there for a moment and almost quit but then I thought, hmmmmm, I wonder what's gonna happen next and what the fuck is Hino going to do to make it all better? 

Glad I didn't quit! =)

All in all, I loved the story, the setting, the idea of the Night Class and Aido (he was a very lovable, not to mention funny, character)!!!

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Ebook ヴァパ騎士 15 read Online! Name in Japanese: 樋野 まつり

Matsuri Hino was born on January 24 in Hokkaido. She was a bookshop keeper who one day decided to become a manga artist, and all of nine months later, in 1995, she published her first manga title, Kono Yume ga Sametara (When This Dream Is Over), in Japan's LaLa DX magazine.

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