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The following are comments from V.K. Ratliff, friend of Gavin Stevens.

Now, Lawyer doesn't see some things. But I let him find those things out for himself. If I was to tell him, it wouldn't have ever come to him in a way it would have made a difference. Lawyer don't know women, hasn't ever, won't ever. But I'd put him up against any man on recognizin' the difference tween good and evil. And if he can't make the law work he'll get justice if he has to do it outside a court room.

Now Bill Faulkner wrote this book "Knight's Gambit." It's all bout Lawyer. I don't figger in it too much. But I figgered in some others. I read it too. Down at Mac Reed's Drug Store off the Square. Had me some strawberry ice cream cones while I was readin it. I'd say strawberry ice cream's bout God's most greatest creation. Me and Lawyer's nephew Chick, we'd go down there and get us a cone ever now and then. It's mostly true,what's in that book. Sho, I liked it too. Liked it just fine. You watch Snopeses long as me an Lawyer watched Snopeses, you'd see it for the truth, too. Not much in this town happens I don't know and I know all the people in this book.

They's some folks think Lawyer was just Bill's mouthpiece, spoutin' out his ideas on politics and govermint and the like. An they was a lot alike. Just like Bill goin' gray early, so'd Lawyer. An then Bill had a thing for younger women, more'n one or two of em, not that he'd ever have told it. Now the women did. Oh, yes. Even put it down in books. That Meta out in Hollywood and that young woman got Bill to let her help him write that play about Temple and Gowan, Nancy too, poor woman. Lawyer was bout the same way there too. He was allus lookin' to help those young girls form their minds he said. Not that the town thought so. Except Lawyer, I doubt, never got nothin' from that Eula Helen of Troy Varner, nor her daughter Linda, neither. Sho, I think Bill was prob'ly luckier at love than Lawyer other than Estelle of course. But they was two separate people. Knowed both.

Lots of folks don't think much of this book of Bill's. Got me a Time magazine when it come out and this feller was writin' bout Bill and said he'd missed the bar on this one. Said he must of wrote it to make money cause some of those stories was put in the Saturday Evening Post so it wan't litrature. I guess he must of wrote that for free cause he wan't no better than Bill if he got paid for it.

And then you got them folks that read nuthin' but mystery books. Those people don't like it any better than that Time feller. One man, well, he said these weren't real mystery stories cause Bill didn't make this windin' trail of clues leadin' you in one direction and then t'other. Said Bill telegraphed who done ever thin by puttin' the key clues in eyetalics, didn't make you guess nothin'.

I like a good whodunnit as much as the next man or woman. Read a good many of em. Checked em out of that rack down at Mac's. Down at the drug store where you'd get your pills and a sundae or a coca cola. Just like Bill used to. You could be down there bout nine and most of the late crowd would be down there. Bill'd walk into town from that old place of his and check out the latest ones. If I'd been married to Estelle Oldham, I'd prob'ly been there ever night. One reason I stayed a bachelor. Learned to sew my own shirts on one of those sewin' machines I sold ever place. Mac, he kept up with those books of his. Had check out cards just like at a real library. Funny, but those cards Bill'd sign. They'd come up missin' so Mac just signed Bill's name on all them cards. We allus figgered it was somebody down at the University figgered somethin' with Bill's name on it would be worth somethin' some day.

Anyway, I'd read those books just like Bill and everbody else did. I enjoyed em. But you take some swishy Lord Whimsy and that Hellery Queen...well, real folks don't live that way. Leastways not around here.

Down here it's pretty sure that somebody does somethin' bad, it's for one reason or the other. The reason's don't change that much. It's money or a woman or some secret nobody wants known that everbody already knowed an if they didn't know it they'd say it was so.

Lawyer always had no problem figgerin' out the why the who or the how. Most times it don't take a Sherlock Holmes. But Bill just put it all down the way it was. Wan't no tricks and runnin' you down rabbit holes.

There's allus gotta be somebody got to tear another man down so they can be better'n him. Those people like that man at Time Magazine, they can say they just hate to say somethin' Bill wrote just wan't up to snuff but you can read real clear between them lines that they was tickled to say it. Don't think one of em ever won a Noble prize or even a Pulitzer. But I guess they got paid for it just the same. I 'magine that money spent the same as if it come by way of a check from the Saturday Evening Post.

Had a feller ask me the other day if I believed in demons and the devil. Said he was goin' to a church where they was prayin' away his demons. Didn't ask me if I believed in God. Way I see it, we humans don't need no demons or devils. We get along just fine being human.

So in this book, an innocent man goes to the gallows. Lawyer can't stop it. An people kill other people for money and sex they didn't have or couldn't get or someone else could and did. An Lawyer just kept on trying to get justice. With the law if he could and outside the courts if he couldn't.

They ain't gonna be no more Gavin Stevens stories. I think that's a damn shame. Ain't gonna be no more stories by Bill neither. That's a worse damn shame.

What'd you say? Did I know Bill. Why sho. I got this card right here. Signed it hisself right down at Mac Reed's. What you got to trade for it? What? You want this book. I couldn't do that. No, they ain't gone be no more Lawyer stories. I just might need to read this book again some time. Yeah, sho Lawyer said the past is never dead. Sho, it's not even past. But I know it's alive on this paper.

EDIT: This review is shared once more for the benefit of goodreads group "On the Southern Literary Trail," and, perhaps to draw attention to what is considered to be one of Faulkner's more minor works. However, Gavin Stevens is Faulkner's recurring "literary" lawyer, and figures widely in
Requiem for a Nun, Intruder in the Dust, and the Snopes: A Trilogy. Yes, he is one of my favorite Faulkner characters.

Mike Sullivan
Founder and Moderator
"On the Southern Literary Trail"

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